Black Health Equity Collaborative Members

Black Health Equity Collaborative Members

In 2021, the Black Health Equity Fund contracted with 17 Black-serving nonprofit organizations and microbusinesses and 3 Black-serving mental health providers to provide culturally affirming health and wellness services among Black Long Beach residents.  Despite the ending of the Black Health Equity Fund, Black-serving organizations continue to collaboratively work to promote health equity among Long Beach Black residents.

Advantage Health Now

Advantage Health Now meets you where you are, not where we want you to be. Advantage Health Now is a boutique consulting firm that assists organizations in developing and executing programming to help expand their consumer and employee base. Health is in our name because we believe health is holistic and not limited to physical attributes. We examine your current programming by analyzing and providing curated options that will help leverage your client base via partnerships and tailored programs. Our goal is to increase your return on investment and to increase your employee and consumer success rates.

April Parker Foundation

The April Parker Foundation is a 501(c)3 community-based non-profit organization that strives to uplift underserved communities through culturally relevant, highly supportive services. They strive to impact individuals’ lives and small businesses as a way to empower the community as a whole. They Empower and Strengthen children, families, and communities through culturally engaging services that promote security, stability, and well-being. They focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community. Their members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change! The April Parker Foundation’s ultimate mission is to promote stability, security, and well-being in the lives of children, families, and businesses to uplift and strengthen our community.

Center For Best Living

At Center for Best Living, their independent therapists focus on helping individuals to heal, energize, and heighten inner strengths, providing varying therapeutic services within a neutral safe space. Their mission is to provide quality mental and emotional support services to individuals, families, businesses, and community partners.

Clarissa Manuel Foundation

Their mission is to uplift urban communities by addressing educational, financial, health and homelessness disparities. They conduct events and activities to increase community awareness and resources to reduce educational, health & wellness, and economic disparities.

Craft and Light Creative Arts Studio

Craft and Light Creative Arts Studio’s mission is to inspire our community through engaging in creative experiences to live healthier, more peaceful, and harmonious lives. They provide creative experiences in our studio, online, and on location to adults and kids. We offer an array of arts and crafts workshops and are available for birthdays and corporate events.

Divinely Restored Health and Wellness

Divinely Restored Health & Wellness was founded by two Black women doctors, Dr. Beckles and Dr. Trent, to shift the community narrative of what it means to be divinely restored, divinely significant, and divinely healed. They have created an innovative model of healthcare delivery integrating physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness within trusted community spaces free of racism and discrimination which allows for true community healing.

Earthlodge Center for Transformation

The Earthlodge’s mission is to disrupt patterns of intergenerational trauma by utilizing Southern Black Indigenous Healing Practices. Their services include: health and wellness, mental health, drum circles, talking circles, meditation, youth programming, nutrition healthy juices, and herbal teas

Elite Skills Development

The mission of Elite Skills Development is to create pathways to self-sustainability and build healthy, productive communities. Programming and resources are provided to youth, adults, organizations, and small businesses.

Project Optimism 

Project Optimism’s mission is to properly equip community member with the optimistic mindset to be productive contributors to society

Heroes 1st

To provide nurturing, individualized care and resources to ALL our valued members of the military community through equitable education and superior clinical services.

M.O.R.E Mothers

M.O.R.E Mothers is a non-profit that strives to bridge the gap for Mothers in underserved communities. We’re here to serve as a hub for resources, support & assistance for Mothers through the stages of Motherhood. We do this by providing Motivation, Opportunities, Resources, and Empowerment. By taking on Motherhood Together we’re able to support one another and build a nurturing community.

Speak Up Empowerment

Our 3-part mission is a progressive movement of education, encouragement and empowerment which serves as a reminder to single parents – especially single moms – that “Yes, You Can!” succeed when all the odds say No, You Can’t. We promote “empowered” parenting skills; physical, mental, and emotional health & wellness; and, financial literacy & sufficiency designed specifically for families headed by a single parent, particularly those of underserved and under-resourced communities. 

Sullivan International, Inc.

Sullivan International, Inc.’s mission is to analyze, design, and implement solutions to empower organizations to reach their next level by providing an objective yet expert ear and an extra set of hands.

The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation

Gathering resources to educate, to empower, and to work collaboratively to better serve African American communities.

Parker Interactive

More details coming soon.

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